Our primary role is the promotion of science in the Rotorua area. This reflects our status as a Regional Branch of the Royal Society Te Apārangi. We are a registered charity and our charities commission number is CC30515. Our annual report can be found on the Charities Commission web site. Our main activity is holding a series of regular meetings each year, normally on the second Tuesday of each month from March through to November. The venue is the Rimu Room, the main lecture theatre at Te Papa Tipu Innovation Park, 49 Sala St, Rotorua time 6pm. The meetings cover a range of scientific and technological topics, often including social implications. While the topics we cover at the meetings have a definite lean towards regional issues, we still cast our net very wide. The usual format is an address followed by time for questions and discussion, with an opportunity for informal discussions and a cup of tea/coffee at the end of proceedings. Occasionally we link a weekend field trip to a meeting. We set out to provide an impartial forum for discussing contentious issues of science and technology. We cater not just for scientists, but also for the interested public. Membership is open to all those who support the objectives of the Society, and presentations are aimed at mixed scientific and lay audiences. Visitors are welcome to our meetings and we are especially pleased to see senior school students. Come along and see and hear for yourselves. If you want to join up and pay a modest subscription you will receive regular notices of meetings and at the same time help keep our programme going. The bigger our membership, the less the restrictions are on our choice of speaker – we can then afford more speakers expenses. For some of our meetings we join forces with other societies around Rotorua, according to the particular topics. Apart from our meetings, we have some other activities. Each year, since its inception, we have been involved along with other parties in mounting the Bay of Plenty School Science Fair. We also occasionally get involved in submissions relating to pending legislation, national reviews of fields of research, or draft district plans. Subscriptions are $20 for an individual or family and can be paid at monthly meetings or by contacting the treasurer – Lloyd Donaldson at Scion.

Laura Raymond - Branch President.